HSV/Cold Sore Relief, Prevention and Cure.

After years and years of Ice, Tea Tree Oil, Honey, E vitamin gel tabs, Neosporin, Abreva, Relieve, Lysine+, Tea bags, Aloe, you name it, we've all tried it. I read an article about this one guy in the 1970's that took BHT for years and years and beat the system. But it just ends there, there are not a thousand other stories out there. Though there are a few, and they are growing because the internet is making it easier to compare.

You'll get Membership to the Website when you get the e-book so you'll obviously have the ability to get your money back.

The Website has the Products Page: Links to Amazon where I can make up to a dollar or two to keep the maintenance and such going.

We also maintain a Forum to give you a place to post your weekly progress, if you've had a tingle or an outbreak and why. (food, drink, stress, location.)

Here's Everything You Get...

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The Ebook has the products and the Timing

What to take and when, what they do and why they work together. The website forum does the same and you'll have access to both.

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A Four week ramping up schedule

Step by step instruction on how to ramp up over a four week process. Based on your current state and if you have pre-existing conditions. How much alcohol do you drink, do you have psoriasis? (Bet you didn't see that one coming).

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Private Access to Progress Forums

Join me and others to track the progress, get help with questions, and help others if they have questions.


*Background - In 2006 I contracted "GBS" <- Your immune system attacks the nerve endings. My immune system was overloaded to shut down and stop the disease. The next month I got HSV1 from the co-worker and with my awful immune system, I was having outbreaks monthly.

As an Incident and Problem Manager, I searched everywhere to figure it out and make it stop. Tea Tree Oil, Honey, toothpaste, tea bags, spoons, icecubes.. that was all "After" the breakout.

I started taking BHT and Licorice root and Lysine in 2009 and was down to outbreaks every 3 months and sometimes just twice a year.

That's when I found out I was missing the catalyst (St. Johns Wort) add-in some Rutin, and Vitamin C).

There are no tricks.

There is no proprietary product only I have.

This just works, and it works well!

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